Sea Water

The luxury of Simplicity

elegant and custom built RIBs
since 2004.

elegant and custom built RIBs since 2004.

Sea Water means the desire to preserve the authentic RIB that once was. Without superstructures, appendages or other useless and unattractive frills. The tube, a slender and clear-cut silhouette from stern to bow, like a vital organ with which the boat feels the environment around it and which protects it. The deck, spacious and tidy, to live and to love, like one’s own home. An uncomplicated outline, with only the essential, where everything is in the right place and nothing exceeds and nothing lacks. Love for tradition, but with a glance forward, looking into innovation and design to see what can be dared, without abandoning what is truly necessary and authentic. All this is Sea Water: a different way of living the sea.



Discover sea WATER LINES


The Phantom line represents Sea Water's DNA, with its essential yet refined lines that combine sportiness with elegance. Choosing a Phantom means having the desire to enjoy the sea in its essence, breathe in its scents, let yourself be enveloped by its breeze, with the knowledge that you can enjoy exceptional comfort and unrivalled safety. A true luxury inflatable boat, the daycruiser capable of tackling even the most challenging seas.


The true compromise to enjoy the simplicity of a RHIB, hidden behind the boat look. The all- fiberglass design makes this boat a perfect mix of robustness and manoeuvrability. Luxury with a sporty character is what characterises the Kymera range, highly refined, attractive in design and extremely high-performance in navigation. A concentrate of unique emotions that can be experienced according to one's preferences thanks to the possibility of complete customisation, Kymera constitutes the true exclusivity of the sea.


The novelty from the Sea Water shipyard that overturns the canons of the Phantom line, without losing its performance and comfort characteristics. The simplicity of the lines remains the basis of the design, but a deck redesigned to offer more space makes it even more liveable and aesthetically revolutionary. The rich on-board equipment transforms the luxury of simplicity into a more sophisticated concept, for those who want to dare, for those who want more from their boat, while still offering everything they need.


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Sales offices: Via Madagascar 25A - 07026 Olbia - ITALY
Ph. +39 388 4403186
Cantiere Sea Water: Zona Ind.le Macchiareddu Str.3 - 09010 Uta (CA)
Ph. +39 392 5914869 - +39 393 9182746 - +39 328 9059656
Cantiere Sea Water: Zona Ind.le Macchiareddu Str.3 - 09010 Uta (CA)
Ph. +39 392 5914869 - +39 393 9182746 - +39 328 9059656



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Sea Water is pleased to welcome you for the very first time at Bosphorus Boat Show!

The event will take place at Marinturk Istanbul City Port - Pendik from 21 to 29 October 2023

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