For us, at Sea Water, the words ‘Custom’ or ‘One-Off’ and the entire concept of personalizing a RIB are not words without substance, used just to attract attention. These words actually represent a way of life for us. A way of conceiving and building a RIB and they perfectly describe a company and its manufacturing philosophy, born expressly to satisfy the requests of a demanding clientele, seeking a unique and inimitable product.

Customizing a craft for us, however, doesn’t mean just supplying a particular colour scheme for your RIB. It does not simply entail providing a wide variety of colours for upholstery and cushions, GRP structures or tubes, which is something that Sea Water has been doing for years as part of its standard practice and which several companies are now attempting to emulate. Custom means being able to provide a ‘tailor made’ solution, made to cater for the client’s aspirations, to satisfy his needs and not just his taste. This is why Sea Water offers not only a vast array of possible boat colour formats, but the option to personalize the details, in order to make your RIB truly complete and enjoyable or even to customize the entire deck structure or the whole boat itself in order to match it with a specific pleasure use or professional role. An advantage and an option which no other RIB shipyard on the market is able to offer, in such an extensive manner, to its customers.

From the modular deck layout, first introduced in craft of the Convertible series of RIBs, comes the Sea Water Custom line of RIBs. Craft of varying sizes and roles but which all have in common a high degree of customization. From a small sized ‘One-Off’ tender, made to measure, to fit exactly in its yacht tender bay, to a fast passenger boat with seating to accommodate twenty or more passengers, up to professional RIBs for divers or Police forces or for even more specific roles, to be evaluated together with the client, with the aid of our experience and qualification and taking advantage of the precious advice of our technicians.

Sea Water has never two built two RIBs alike. Each boat is created step by step, together with the customer, to respond to his requirements and tastes, thus producing a unique and matchless product. A Custom Sea Water.

Contact our staff and ask us to plan out the RIB of your dreams and Sea Water will find the optimum solution, together with you, to build the Sea Water Custom RIB which suits your needs.



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